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I'm Crosby.

hi there!

And I like to make pretty things.


I’ve been a designer for as long as I can remember. I started teaching myself how to use Photoshop for the discussion boards on Neopets in 5th grade. I've always been interested in creating and curating aesthetics - even before I knew what that meant.

Fast forward to my time at Towson University, where I realized there's a name for what I love to do - branding. Creating brand identities, logos, and collateral - especially for companies who love clean, simple, and colorful graphics - is where my passion lies. I strive to find the least visually complicated solutions for designs to provide graphics and content that get straight to the point. In the prettiest way possible, of course.

When I'm not thinking up different ways to rebrand my favorite stores, I like to spend my time doing lots of other creative things! I do embroidery (everything from clothes to hoops to accessories), journal, and do calligraphy. These are all things that I draw inspiration from in my professional work. I also spend some time doing yoga, playing with my pups (a 4 year old pug named Eleanor Roosevelt and an 11 year old dachshund named Bijou), and exploring Brooklyn, where I currently live.


brand development & identity / logo designbrand collateral

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